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Feeding more Clifton students, one school at a time

As the first half of the school year comes to a close, more students are getting breakfast in Clifton. But, there is still much work to be done.

Schools #1, 11 and 17 all have some version of “breakfast after the bell”. But, not all versions are equally effective.  School #17 offers breakfast from a grab and go cart to each student as they enter the building. The cart remains in place at the entrance after the bell rings so that children who come to school late also have access to the meal. Students from each classroom are assigned the duty of  being the class monitor, bringing the breakfast roster to the teacher and helping with clean up. This model has been very effective.

At schools #1 and 11, breakfast is served in the cafeteria until 8:40am. Once the bell rings, students at school #1 who are late or did not get a chance to go to the cafeteria may go to a cart in the hallway and take some breakfast items. Students at school #11 may also get a late breakfast, but must go down to the cafeteria where the breakfast cart is located. Students at both schools must ask their teacher so they can get a late breakfast.  While having a late breakfast cart is an improvement from serving breakfast before the bell in the cafeteria only, it is not nearly as effective in feeding children as centrally located grab and go carts where breakfast is offered to the children as opposed to them having to ask for it.

Hunger Free New Jersey continues to work with school administrators and other community members in Clifton to advocate for implementation of effective breakfast after the bell models to improve access for the nearly 11,000 students enrolled there.

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