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Meeting Our Goals in Audubon

The first half of 2019 has proven to be very productive thus far.  We were successful with our roll out for our bike racks after much back and forth with Shared Service Agreements with the Audubon School District and a few private businesses.  The bike racks were strategically placed around town where there was an obvious need.  We created a brochure for the town to reference and placed those brochures in at the Borough Hall as well as the Library.  We also invited the local news station for a little extra hype and took to social media as well.  The overall response from the town was very positive.

Audubon’s Walk through History project is in full-steam-ahead mode.  We have brought in a couple of extra people to keep the forward momentum.  There is still a lot of writing and research to be done.  Ideally, we would like to have all of the write ups by the end of June so that there is time for editing and preparing them for placement. As we work on the write ups of the historical landmarks, we are also working to identify the current owners where applicable and prepare Shared Service Agreements with them. As we have seen with the bike rack agreements, this portion sometimes takes a little extra time so it is important that we get started early.  We are working to determine whether or not we need to have scanning events over the summer with our students from the high school.  We need to evaluate what we have at this time to go along with our historical landmarks.  However, the high school will continue to scan our historical documents over the next couple of years with or without a grant as we make it a priority to digitize our historical documents.

Our sports organizations (softball and baseball) have had a very busy and productive season at the snack stand.  Things are starting to wind down now for both and I am currently awaiting to hear from the nutritionist and the snack stand managers to see how everyone fared this season.

Last but not least, we have the Audubon Recreation Center.  The completion date of the building has been pushed back to late fall, but we are still planning to upgrade the grounds this year in anticipation for the new building.  More details will be available next month and we are very happy with progress overall so far.

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