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Final Stretch in Audubon

Half way through the year and here we are feverishly working to make sure we can finish strong. Our focus has been Audubon’s Walk-through History and the upgrades to the grounds at the Recreation Center for the last month. Our bike rack project has been completed and we are tying up our Healthy Snack Stand Initiative.

We hit a couple of bumps with our Snack Stand Initiative this year. The nutritionist that we have been using for the last year and a half moved and, therefore, had to hand over the duties to another nutritionist. This happened at the height of the baseball/softball season so field visits were missed. The new nutritionist has agreed to look at pictures and review all receipts to provide guidance so that our sports organizations can make even more improvements for next year. All receipts were handed in today from baseball and softball. Both organizations had money left over last year and were given the opportunity to spend the $500.00 allotted for this year and the remaining money from last year. All receipts will be reviewed and guidance and reimbursements will be provided accordingly.

Audubon’s Walk-Through History continues to be a huge undertaking. We continue to work with the volunteers to obtain the write ups for each location as that is the biggest feat thus far. We have narrowed it down to our top five locations and are concentrating on those for now. We will continue to add on as the write ups are completed and the funds are available. We have fifteen locations identified to start this project and many more may be identified in the future.

The Recreation Center building was stalled for a bit, but all is back on track. However, the building hiccup didn’t stop the planning for the surrounding grounds. We have been pricing out and are about ready to purchase calisthenics equipment for the playground area as well as outdoor musical/percussion instruments.

We successfully leveraged the funds received through this grant with two other grants totaling 55k for this park. The previous building and its surrounding park have been vacant for over twenty years and within the next 12 months the space will be completely transformed thanks to the help of these generous grants! It will be a great day when we can share all of our finished projects with the community!

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Borough of Audubon

Audubon is a family friendly community that loves their sports, but one thing that cannot be ignored is the amount of artistic talent. We are always striving to do better and provide a little something extra for everyone in our little town.