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Finding Solace in Nature

Thus far, 2020 has been all about the pandemic. It seems we have changed every aspect of our human lives to avoid becoming infected with the COVID19 virus.  We have stopped hugging and giving handshakes in greeting, have even stopped visiting family and friends to try and keep them safe.  We have been drilled to remain six feet away from people and wear a face covering in public.  Vacations were cancelled, unnecessary travel was avoided, we stopped eating at restaurants, found solitary ways to exercise.  Our children, some too young to even understand, were kept out of school and away from their friends. Slowly, SO slowly, our altered lives are returning to a new normal.

All through this year, however, the reliable rhythms of mother nature have remained consistent.  Our planet took a much-needed breath afforded by the reduction in energy use.  Blue skies are clearer, the air is fresh and crisp, water is cleaner, the flora and fauna are thriving.  It almost comes as a surprise to see the seasons march on, despite the rest of our lives being suspended in a holding pattern.

I am so proud of our little corner of the world that is Montclair Community Farms (MCF).  Their tagline: “Educating and engaging the community through farm, food and health” is more important now than ever.  MCF is committed to giving children an outlet to learn and appreciate nature during these times and developed a series of summer programs, after school programs and weekend opportunities.  Nature’s beauty abounds on the farm and again, Mother Nature did not disappoint as she showed little ones a lesson in metamorphosis.  The captions on these gorgeous photos tell the story of the Monarch Butterflies in our garden:

  1. Beauty abounds when you know where and what to look for.
  2. Waiting for these beauties to emerge. How amazing is nature? Just 16 days ago these were hungry, hungry caterpillars chomping away at the milkweed.
  3. So worth the wait. Nature is beauty! These gorgeous monarchs, born in September, are the 4th generation of monarch butterflies, which means that they will travel all the way from Montclair to Mexico!

It will do us all a world of good to get out and appreciate our earth and its wonders.  Wishing you all health and happiness as we continue to navigate 2020.


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Montclair Community Farms is a local non-profit. Our mission is to serve as a local hands-on resource that engages and educates the community through urban farming, affordable food access and healthy living. At the heart of Montclair Community Farms is its Coalition, partners, and community volunteers.