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Fitness Classes in Nontraditional Spaces

The mission of East Orange Recreation is to enhance the quality of life for the residents of East Orange by providing and maintaining safe, quality and affordable recreational activities, as well as cultural enrichment programs to residents of all ages and abilities. Free access to the fitness equipment at Elmwood Park is one successful approach to achieving this mission. Another approach is providing fitness events in community social places. Why host fitness classes in nontraditional spaces around town such as Zumba classes on a tennis court or Line Dancing classes at a farmer’s market? Simply put, the great City of East Orange believes physical fitness can happen anywhere and at any time.

East Orange is a walkable City with major transit stops and transportation routes. The location of these free fitness/ wellness opportunities is expected to draw residents out of their normal daily routine and expose them to an active lifestyle wherever it is convenient for them. The thought of leading an active lifestyle should not pose as a burden for families who would like to become healthier, and fitness in public nontraditional spaces encourages the next generation to stay fit and combat obesity.

The City’s active living strategy of community- based social support for physical activity in nontraditional spaces will increase the opportunities for the Recreation Department to host future activities and fitness education classes. Increasing the amount of physical activity provided to our residents encourages residents to make other healthy lifestyle choices particularly regarding healthy foods choices. For more information about municipally sponsored recreation and cultural activities please call our Recreation Department at 973-414-4141.

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City of East Orange

East Orange is a 3.9 square mile city in Essex County, New Jersey with a community of approximately 65,000 residents (2014). East Orange shares borders with the following cities and towns: Newark to the east and south and Glen ridge and Bloomfield to the north. It is the States 20th most populous municipality in 2010 and ranked second of 22 in Essex County.