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Franklin’s Senior will be “Walking With Ease”.

The Sussex County Division of Senior Services is excited to announce that five individuals have completed formal training as Peer Leaders for the Arthritis Foundation’s “Walk With Ease” program and all five¬†have successfully passed the required test and are now certified leaders.¬† As identified in prior blogs, the “Walk With Ease Program”, as per the Arthritis Foundation, is an “evidence-based program that has been proven to help people with arthritis or other related conditions, reduce pain, increase balance, strength and walking pace, and improve overall health.”¬† There are three overall objections of the program.¬†¬†The first¬†goal¬†is to educate individuals about physical activities for individuals with arthritis.¬† The second goal is to educate individuals about how they can be successful in self-managing arthritis¬†and how an individual can walk safely, yet comfortably.¬† The third goal is to encourage individuals to continue their own walking programs after the completion of the formal workshop and how they can implement additional exercises into their routines, as well as encourage them to explore additional evidence based self-management type programs to help manage conditions.

We will be presenting the program next week at the Franklin Senior Center’s Annual Picnic and we are hoping to¬†possibly implement¬†our first¬†workshop within the coming weeks before the weather turns colder.

The program is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

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Sussex County Division of Senior Services

As part of the Department of Health and Human Services, it is the mission of the Sussex County Division of Senior Services to empower older adults, those 18 and older who are disabled, and/or their caregivers to choose from a coordinated system of services that enable seniors to live as independently as possible in their homes and in their communities while enjoying a dignified quality of life.