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Fresh Squeezed Lemonade – Not Just For the Boardwalk

Healthy eating has seemed to place a greater emphasis on what we eat with only slight attention paid to what we drink.  The attention paid usually focuses on encouraging the drinking of water and cutting out sugary drinks such as soda.  For many, this is the hardest part of a healthy eating habit as they find water to be boring and are seeking something with flavor.  While our snack bar has historically offered soda, sugary drinks such as Gatorade and soda, this season fresh squeezed lemonade was introduced and was a resounding success.

Lemonade is an old time favorite for many but it tends to be consumed either through a powder or in the carbonated form made by soda companies.  With the hand squeezed option, you are getting three basic ingredients.  A lemon, some water and some sugar to make a refreshing summer drink.  While it is not a sugar free option, this item is all natural and can be enjoyed in moderation as an occasional alternative to water.  This summer time drink became a popular pairing with the fresh fruit salad at the pool.  Simple items working together to help shape healthier eating habits.

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Township of West Orange (Via West Orange Recreation Dept.)

The West Orange Recreation Department provides year round programming for residents of all ages. The Ginny Duenkel Pool is one of the most popular summer activities within the Township.