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Freshen Up Your Worksite Wellness Programs!

Having a Worksite Wellness (W.W.) program is great for both you and your employees. The hardest part of the program is gaining the employees trust and motivation to participate in your programs. Once you have engaged them it’s easy to get them excited and pumped up with the programs and materials you offer! But what happens after you hit month 3? What about month 4? Are your programs sustainable for 6 months? These are the reasons it is important to incorporate new and fresh ideas into your W.W. program.

A simple way to do this would be to introduce new topics into your program. Currently, Live Healthy Vineland is offering new topics to its W.W. partners. Some of these, that have previously not been introduced, are: Nutrition topics that range from plant-based eating to eating on a budget, emergency preparedness (home and workplace), and a variety of mental health topics. Incorporating new options into the program will help to keep your employees interested and motivated. Gaining community partners to come into your place of employment is also an easy (and inexpensive!) way to “freshen up” your program. Partners such as Doctors, Health and Fitness Centers (can we say YMCA!), hospital/urgent cares, as well as, “outside of the box” partners such as banks, grocery stores, and more can provide new opportunities for your employees overall health and well-being.

So continue to look for new options and challenges for your employees. The more often you switch up your routine (every 3-4 months), the more engaged your employees will be. Keeping your employees positive, motivated, and healthy will benefit not only them, but you! Keep up the good work!

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