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Friends & Family Farmer’s Market

The ‘Park and Thrive Initiative’ continues to successfully promote healthy eating and physical exercise for the 60,000 plus residents of North Bergen. Thanks to the NJ Healthy Communities Network (NJCN), North Bergen residents are able to access a free outdoor gym, open from sunrise to sunset. In addition, a Farmer’s Market was implemented to provide locals with fruits, vegetables, an array of resources and activities to promote healthy lifestyles.

Located in front of the Stan Newman Field, our Farmer’s Markets takes place the last Saturday of each month, and has been victoriously catching the attention of our residents! Fresh produce is purchased from local vendors and targeted to be sold at cost to our residents during the Farmer’s Market event. Each month, large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, including onions, potatoes, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, cabbage,  carrots, zucchini, cantaloupes, pears,broccoli, peppers  and much more are sold in abundance.

This monthly Farmer’s Market not only promotes healthy eating, but promotes a healthy lifestyle as well. The health department provides buyers with multiple information on health resources and services. These services are made to accommodate residents, and are offered within the community. To further promote healthy eating and exercise, a Zumba exercise class is offered during this event. Multiple individuals, friends and family, join in and get their groove on!


This initiative has brought the township of North Bergen and its residents the opportunity to purchase healthy and fresh produce at affordable prices, all while providing opportunities for physical exercise within the community.


About the Grantee

Township of North Bergen (via NB Health Department)

The North Bergen Health Department mission is to improve the quality of life for our 60,000 plus residents by offerring a wide of services that target health prevention, health education, public health, safety and code enforcement.