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Garfield COVID-19 Community Survey Results

The City of Garfield, in partnership with its Age-Friendly Community Initiative, Generations for Garfield (G4G), the Public Health Dept, and academic partner, The NYU Grossman SoM, Department of Environmental Medicine, conducted a COVID-19-related public health needs assessment of its residents.  One hundred-two responses were collected from community members, representing 328 individuals. The age range of respondents was 25-88 years with an average of 51 years old. Results have been reported back to the community in the form of a powerpoint presentation and 1 page summary that can be easily shared. Results demonstrated that respondents who tested positive for COVID-19 had similar pre-existing conditions to those that have been reported in the literature: 41% were overweight and 61% had ever smoked.  Sixty-five percent of all respondents reported feeling anxious, nervous or on edge over the last 7 days.  A larger percentage of respondents under 55 years of age reported feeling down/sad, depressed or hopeless than those 55 years and over. When asked about food security, 60% of respondents reported having received a free meal or groceries within the last 30 day and 30% were not confident they would have enough food for the next 4 weeks.


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City of Garfield

The mission of the City of Garfield is to promote a safe and healthy community through collaborative partnerships committed to improving the health and wellness of all residents.