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Get Fit in Morristow’s Census Tract 435

Pocahontas Park has been used historically as a park and a recreation field although it is currently undeveloped and unsafe. With support from the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network, the Town of Morristown is working on developing Pocahontas Park into a safe space for the community who live on Census Tract 435. Since the park had previously been booked for a soccer league that ran from April until November 2018, the development of the park will start in the year 2019.

2018 was a year to strengthen existing partnerships with other nonprofits who work in the Town of Morristown and share the same interest to make Morristown a healthy community. We also formed new partnerships with local entities who also want to improve the conditions of Pocahontas Park and incentivize the community to get active by providing opportunities that embrace and active and healthy life style and nurture personal growth.

FC Motown Celtics a soccer club from Morristown, has donated soccer clinics for the children who reside on Tract 435. Currently the children meet at Morristown United Methodist Church every Tuesday and Friday to practice soccer skills. Julius James, a professional soccer player from FC Motown Celtics comes once a month to train with them.

Last August the children were invited to watch the semi-final and final games of the National Premier Soccer League. The games took place at Drew University in Madison. The children were very excited to meet the players, they even had a chance to get in the field during half time to play soccer. The children wait anxiously for the development of Pocahontas’s Park, next year they will be able to put their newly earned skills to the test.

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