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Getting the Most Mileage out of our Grant Funds

The challenge for all grantees is to make the best use of the grant funds that we received through the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network (NJHCN) to get the most mileage out the project. For our project we literally mean the most mileage! The blog picture shows a concept plan for a 1/3 of a mile trail around the park that we want to develop. Information about walking paths that are published online (see the Rails to Trails Conservancy web site for resources) estimate that trails can be installed in the range of $2 – $13 per square foot depending on the type of surface used. That places our 1/3 of a mile trail in the cost range of $21,000-$136,000! Choices for path surfaces vary greatly in terms of price, durability, and ADA accessibility, with typically the cheapest surfaces not meeting the goal of ADA accessibility. We are currently exploring how much of the walking trail we can develop with the funds we have to meet the goal of ADA accessibility.

About the Grantee

Boro of Elmer

Elmer is a small town in rural Salem County. Incorporated in 1893, it has historically served as a hub of activity for the surrounding farm community. It has a hospital, churches, banks, restaurants, a library, grocery, drug store, dollar store, gift & flower shops, medical & dental services, accountants & lawyers, salons, gas stations, & a lumber yard all packed into one square mile.