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Goodbye 2021 and Welcome 2022!

Traditionally the end of one year and the beginning of another year is a time to celebrate. To reminiscent all the good things, and to make new year’s resolutions. To set a plan for the next twelve months.

It is also a good time to think about our health. To remind ourselves of all the routine checkups and doctor visits, that should be included in our planning.  It might be a good time to start a new fitness routine or diet. However before you start the new diet or activity, it is advisable that you discuss it with your physician. Some exercise and diets might not necessarily be good for you and your body.

January 1st is usually the day when we plan to start the new exercise routine or diet. How many of us, who tried this in the past, did reach a long- term success with this resolution? Most likely not too many. Doctors are actually suggesting that any time is good to start the new routine. It can be marked with different special occasions, like birthday or anniversary, but it can be just the start of new week, month or season.  If you have positive motivation and great determination to reset your life in a big or small way, you can do it at any time.

February might be a good time for your yearly eye exam, especially if you have allergies. During peak allergy season, your eyes are more likely to be watery or swollen, that is why you should schedule your eye exam in winter months. Schedule morning appointment, preferably in the beginning of workweek, when your eyes are well rested.

For the month of March you can schedule your dentist checkup. Adults should see their dentist at least once a year, and possibly twice a year, if they are at high risk for cavities and gum disease. Early spring is a good time for the first visit and the late fall is good for the second visit. Avoid to schedule appointment in December, when waiting rooms will be crowded with patients seeking to use their insurance benefits before the year’s end. It is also a good time to consider getting shingles vaccine if you are 60 years old or older, regardless of whether you recall having chicken pox in the past.  March is a shingles Awareness Month.

Allergy season starts in April. You may consider seeing allergist before the spring starts. If you are on allergy medication, make sure your prescription is up to date.

During Stroke Awareness Month- May, get familiar with possible signs of stroke, as outlined by CDC.

Call 911 if you or someone you are with exhibits any of these signs!

Smoking, high blood pressure and heart disease can lead to a stroke. If you are a smoker, this might be a good time to quit smoking. You might also schedule a visit to a cardiologist.

The largest organ in our body, skin deserves care and protection through the entire year, but in June, July and August, when we spend more time outside of our homes, we should wear sunblock and sunglasses to protect our skin from sunlight, which can be beneficial, but also very harmful. You should schedule your annual skin cancer screenings after your twentieth birthday. On hot summer days, we spend plenty of time by water. Follow water safety rules at all times. According to American Red Cross, you should always:

In September we should schedule our annual physical exam, so it can be determined if we need to see any specialists or schedule any health screenings before the end of the year. During that visit we can receive the flu shot. September is also National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Men age 50 and older should schedule a prostate screening. Both men and women should schedule their first colonoscopy screening when reaching age 50.

October is a National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is suggested that women who are 40 or older talk to their physician about scheduling a mammogram. Women age 30-65 should be getting a Pap test combined with HPV test every five years.

November might be a good time to schedule your second dentist’s visit. If you did not receive your pneumonia vaccine, it might be a good time to get it now, especially if you are sixty five or older.

In December it might be not too late to get your flu shot if you haven’t received it yet. Flu season usually peaks from December to February.

It is not late to inquire about the COVID-19 vaccine, if you haven’t receive it yet. Please check the CDC website to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccines. To find more about vaccination in your area call 1-800-232-0233, or text your zip code to 438829.

Health screenings and good nutrition can help you stay healthy. Always talk with your doctor about your health.

Below you will find calendar pages for the next twelve months with information on when fresh fruits and vegetables are at their best and when you should consider buying them, also enjoy simple recipes using those fruits and veggies.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2022!

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