Grantee Blog 2020

Green & Gold, Cold & Bold!

Assemble the Assemblers! Members of our AHS Environmental Club, Legion of Murray Trout and other several volunteers from the community braved the cold on several mornings to finish their work.

Three purple rhododendrons were planted to soft mark one side of the eventual periphery on the non-fence side. A bird box was hung and clearing started on the garden side roughly a 20’ wide arc along the back field fence. After that, roughly 200 hundred square feet was covered with road cloth and then covered with 3/8th inch crushed gray stone. The stone is about 1-1 ½” deep to smother and block the Japanese Knotweed and other weeds from coming back.  The garden tables were then assembled and placed in our Victory Garden. There are several more pieces to the puzzle, but we are on target for our grand opening in April.

We purchased and received our new Mommy and Me swing for our Recreation Center. Due to the weather, we are unable to install at this time, but it will be a welcome addition.

We hope to break through some road blocks for our strategic planning for the food bank project, but overall, we are making amazing progress because of our amazing volunteers and despite the overwhelming challenges of the pandemic and weather!

About the Grantee

Borough of Audubon

Our grantee organization is comprised of a couple of Borough employees and many, many dedicated volunteers. Our community is small, but the volunteers are many!