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“Happy and Healthy Living at Finn’s” is our goal and together we will achieve it!

Finn’s Mobile Home Park, a small community within Wayne Township, is located across from a scenic river. While the river provides picturesque views for Finn’s residents it is, unfortunately, also prone to flooding. Finn’s proximity to busy roads limits access to safe walking routes and its remote location makes public transportation less accessible. For those without a car, getting to healthy food is not easy. In addition, local hospital data, provided by Atlantic Health System, identified Finn’s community as having higher-than-expected percentage of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This information, coupled with stories from residents and county health needs assessment data, suggests possible health and financial disparities in the neighborhood.

With that in mind, a working partnership was developed and the “Healthy Finns” group was born. The group is made up of the Wayne Health Department, Finn’s Mobile Home residents, Atlantic Health System, Wayne YMCA, ShopRite of Little Falls and Wayne as well as Rutgers Cooperative Extension. Finn’s Management, although not a grant partner, has been very supportive of our effort.

The “Healthy Finns” group meets monthly to share ideas, reinforce goals and vote on next steps. One of the most significant decisions made by the group was to apply for a NJHCN grant and bring City Green’s Mobile Farmers Market (the “Veggie Mobile”) into Finn’s Mobile Home Park. City Green’s Veggie Mobile brings fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables to the residents every other Wednesday. The best part about the “Veggie Mobile”, aside from its friendly staff, is they accept, and double, SNAP (food stamps) as well as WIC and senior vouchers.

The fresh fruits, vegetables and “double bucks” have been a hit with residents! By making healthy food more accessible to the residents we are one step closer to “Healthy and Happy Living at Finn’s”.

About the Grantee

Wayne Health Department

One of the main purposes of the Wayne Health Department is to prevent the premature onset of disease and disability, and to help all residents achieve healthier, more productive lives. The health department is committed to maintaining, protecting, and promoting the health of its residents through organized health promotion and disease prevention efforts.