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Healthy Eating and Bike Sharing

Plainsboro Township’s Healthy Eating Strategy – Community Gardens has been a huge success.  Since it began with the first seeds planted in June, the raised planter boxes on the library balcony have been the subject of four different healthy eating programs attended by over fifty children and adults.  The garden has yielded peppers, squash, tomatoes, eggplant, and assorted greens. Herbs such as dill, lemon grass, and parsley were also harvested.

Adults and entire families have volunteered to water and weed the garden and have asked library staff about the different plants grown.  Children have been seen checking out the garden and plants almost every day.  Staff has also noticed that people tend to congregate around the garden’s greenery rather than sit elsewhere in the library.  Food not used in programs has been going to the Township’s food bank.

The Active Living Strategy – Recreation Equipment/Park Improvement is on the horizon in Plainsboro with the bike sharing station soon to become operational.  The company called Zagster will be installing a bike sharing station with about six bikes at the Plainsboro library.  The bikes can be used to get around town, run errands, go get a bite to eat, and for general recreation and enjoyment all without using a vehicle.  Bikes are available 24/7 for a small membership fee that entitles the user to unlimited use for up to two hours per ride.

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Plainsboro Township

Plainsboro Township, in southern Middlesex County, is a suburban community of about 24,000 residents and about 12 square miles. Half of the housing stock is multi-family. The Library and Recreation & Cultural Center are hubs of activity with programs and classes offered every day and nearly every evening.