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Healthy Eating Still Alive in Plainsboro

Kale is the gift that keeps on giving.  That is, kale is a vegetable that is still growing in Plainsboro’s planter garden on the third floor balcony.  Depending on the conditions this winter it will remain an active grower until it begins to bud in the Spring – an advantage for container farmers.  Library staff has demonstrated to the Teen Advisory Board how to use kale as a healthy snack by drying it out to make “kale chips”, a great alternative to conventional chip type snack foods.

The planters will soon be covered up with tarps after the dead organic matter is removed.  They will stay on the balcony and spring back to life after a long winter’s nap when the soil will be amended and new seeds planted.  Anyone with a deck, or even a roof top, can follow the same practice to grow healthy and satisfying food as a way to eat fresh and save money.


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Plainsboro Township is located in southwestern Middlesex County. The Township grew from its agricultural roots into a community of about 24,000 residents covering nearly twelve square miles, half of which is preserved open space. Plainsboro is home to the Princeton Forrestal Campus of Princeton University and Novo Nordisk’s North American headquarters.