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Healthy Food Pantry’s Tackle Healthy Living

For the past year we have been working with St. Joe’s Food Pantry Clients. We have offered healthy flyers, posters and workshop on nutrition, diabetes prevention, diabetes control and Blood Pressure Control.  576 people have attended one or more programs in Spanish or English.  Over 50% of these people attended more than one program.

We conducted a Post Survey to understand trends and impact:

55% noticed the healthy flyers in food bags

72% noticed the healthy posters

38% attended one or more nutrition workshops

62% attended Blood Pressure Control

43% attended Diabetes Prevention’

42% reported making changes to their diet due to the posters, flyers and workshops

36% reported adding at least one fruit and vegetable to their daily diets

We will continue to serve St. Joes into the second year. We are encouraging additional fresh produce in the bags and healthy options. This year we will include more tastings of healthy recipes.

Good News, Mt. Temen Food Pantry has agreed to become a Healthy Food Pantry.  We conducted a Pre-Survey of the clients in March to better understand current eating and activity patterns as well as what type of information they would like and how would they want to receive the information.  Most people are eating less than the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables and many people would attend a workshop on nutrition or healthy issues but over 36% would like to receive information on their phone.  We are working with the volunteers for next steps.

We hope to continue to recruit more pantries and we are working with the NJ Community Food Bank to provide small grants for additional equipment and materials for pantries to be better equipped to store fresh foods.

More to come…..



About the Grantee

The Gateway Family YMCA

Shaping Elizabeth (SE) is a team of community members committed to improving the health and well-being of the residents of the City of Elizabeth by creating sustainable changes to systems, policies and the environment, by proposing and implementing strategies to close the health equity gap and support improved health, nutrition and physical activity for all.

Strategy: Healthy Eating

Cohort: North 4

Funder: SNAP-Ed

Cities: Elizabeth