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Healthy Staff and Community Partners!

Our wellness committee works at sharing in health regularly. We are thankful for this NJHCN grant for allowing us to embark on a staff wellness program. The Holiday Health Tips above are a glimpse of what we share with our staff throughout the year via email, we also share a wellness tip monthly at staff meetings. Recently the Wellness Committee has proposed quarterly lunch and learn workshops to focus on staff wellness and information that can be useful for both staff and clients. This came about after polling staff members asking what they wanted to see from the Wellness Committee next year.

Our staff has participated in wellness through joining committees, trying new programs/challenges, participating in surveys, or downloading apps shared at staff meetings. We have been lucky to also have community partners that we work with invested in helping make the community healthier, such as our funders NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids. Another partner is  SNAP-Ed, who our Wellness Committee met with this month. The purpose of the meeting was to see how we can share information with each other in regards to health of staff,  clients and  surrounding community schools.

P.S. CFPC’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Day now Accepts Venmo! Our program allows staff to have fresh fruit and vegetables by donating a dollar weekly. We found many people do not carry cash, so we now accept Venmo. This also allows us to better track participation.

About the Grantee

Center for Prevention and Counseling (CFPC)

Center for Prevention and Counseling, Newton, NJ, is a healthy non-profit in Sussex County that has been dedicated to community wellness and recovery from substance use disorder for over 45 years. CFPC is a grant and donation driven agency. The prevention, treatment and recovery team members bring together an educated and evidence-based community approach to healthy living, free from substances.