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Herbs for Happier Minds

One of the things that we have been incorporating into our community gardens are medicinal herbs. Throughout history, many of our ancestors have used herbs to treat illnesses. They were used even before modern medicine came into place and likewise, many of our modern medicine is made from some plants that have been used for decades. Did you know that aspirin uses willow bark to extract some of the properties needed to heal a headache?

Much of the Latino Community we serve, does not earn enough to meet their needs and often, they do not have access to adequate healthcare. The incorporation of herbs into their diets and their everyday lives, can help reduce not only physical health issues but also emotional. Right now, we are off season with planting and doing gardening, but we continue to plan so that this year we can break ground and help current organizations in Hammonton build raised beds or gardens. On the coming months, we will be working with an agency in Hammonton by utilizing some of their front space at their new building to grow some of these herbs that clients can then use and learn about. Some of the herbs we plan on having at this site include: Lemon Balm which helps with nervousness, insomnia and depression and it has a nice fragrance; Lavender which is also an anxiety reduction herb; Chamomile which aids with sleep; Rosemary which enhances memory and concentration; and many others that can potentially be used for teas, smudges, and everyday consumption such as culinary purposes.

The picture displayed, is the location where this herb garden will be planted.

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Comite de Apoyo para Trabajadores Agriculturales (CATA)

CATA- The Farmworkers Support Committee has been serving the migrant and farmworker community for the past 39 years. CATA’s mission is to empower and educate farmworkers through leadership development and capacity building so that they are able to make informed decisions regarding the best course of action for their interests. Our work focuses on Immigration, Worker's Rights and Food Justice.