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How did this all happen and where are we now…. A year later

March 2018 gave bloom to the Bloomfield Health Department reaching out to the Bloomfield Board of Education for support of the Breakfast after the Bell Program. Subsequent meetings were had to inform Board of Education members and Berkeley Elementary school officials of its benefits. In April of 2018-Several partners (National Dairy Council and Hunger Free New Jersey) collaborated with the Bloomfield Health Department to advocate the Breakfast after the Bell Program. May 2018 was the beginning of Bloomfield Health Department, National Dairy Council, Hunger Free New Jersey, and Berkeley Elementary school officials participated in a site visit of a school in the Hillside school district that uses the same food distributor, where Maschio has already implemented the Breakfast after the Bell Program. August 2018 Breakfast After the Bell kickoff event happened at the Berkley Elementary School for Bloomfield residents and families to learn about the program. Lunch applications, a tasting table from Maschio Food Services, and health education/ lead screening were provided by the Health Department. The Bloomfield Library, Bloomfield Fire Department, Bloomfield Municipal Alliance, and Clara Mass were also in attendance. September 2018- The program was implemented into Berkeley Elementary School for the 2018-2019 academic year. November 2018- A site visit was conducted between the Bloomfield Health Department and the Partners for Health Cohort 3 leader.

Fast Forward to March 2019 a meeting with a new perspective school for Breakfast After the Bell program resulted in a site visit to be conducted for end of April to observe our first pilot school program.

Great things to come for Bloomfield and “Breakfast after the Bell”.

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Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services

The Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services' mission is to promote physical and mental well-being through policy development, disease detection, prevention and education in a culturally competent manner that ensures the highest quality of life for the residents we serve.