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Irvington Elementary Schools are on the Move for the Second Year

Last year, Irvington has been expanding their curricula by including Bike Ed with their fourth- grade classes. This year they will be expanding to the fourth and fifth grade classes. To start the year off, all the bike had to be checked and serviced. Those bikes which could not be service on site at the school, will be transported to Second Life in Asbury Park, NJ.

The students at Chancellor Avenue Elementary and University Middle School will be starting the year with Bike Ed in their Physical Education Classes.  The students who need to learn to ride must be able to glide without pedals and then move up to adding the pedals.  This is the quickest method for introducing bike riding. This process allows the future rider develop confidence and balance with gliding.  Riders will move up with riding skills such as stopping and going, signals for turning, safety skills such as avoidance of rocks and other dangers they may encounter while riding.

The students learn the parts of the bike and how to check the bike for rideability. ABC quick check consist of checking air in the tires, brakes are working well, chain is not jammed and moving properly and finally there are no strange noises which only a bike shop can correct. As the students grow in bike riding, there are other skills which will be introduced to them. Bike riding is a life-time activity. It is also good for the world. Less cars and more bikes save on gas emissions. Bike lanes need to be constructed to keep our bike riders safe while riding. Finally, the family can ride together. Healthy body, healthy world, healthy families. What else could be better.

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