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Irvington is rolling along with the Bike Grant.

Twenty-four months ago, there was a partnership between NJAHPERD and Irvington School District. And today we have seen great growth in the program. Irvington started with grade four throughout their schools and now grade four, five and some six are having fun riding bikes. The number of bike riders have increased. They now have two fleets of bikes to service the number of school building and classes. The students and teachers are getting stronger with the program. As Mr. Inman previous stated in the May blog: “Many of my students have challenges that has cause me to provide additional support when helping them learn how to ride a bike. To me, that is what adapted PE is all about. It’s not about withholding physical education opportunities; it is about identifying ways we can provide the same experiences in alternative ways.” Therefore, all students are given a chance to learn how to enjoy bike riding

At the end of the first year of the NJHCN grant, one of our goals was lifetime activities for students and families. We are still striving to have the transfer from the classroom to the family and bike riding is a bonding moment when the family plan for family bike rides. That takes us to the next step is to expand from family outings, to community needs to become involved in making plans to improve the roads to include secured bike lanes or parks where bike can ride with security and safety or even a bike trail to explore their surroundings.  Irvington’s program could be a catalyst towards gathering data and create reports that lead to needed pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements through state and federal funding.

The partnerships of Alan M Voorhees Transportation is a leader of Safe Routes to School, Irvington Public School allowing their schools to add Bike Education into their schools,  Second Life Bikes in Asbury Park, NJ for building and maintaining the fleets of bike for Irvington and NJAHPERD for submitting the grant to NJHCN has been very successful. It is the final goal that the Bike Ed program will continue for many a year within their system and the family of Irvington will be riding with their children instead of riding in a car.



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