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Irvington Public Schools receives bike grant

Irvington Public Schools was honored to receive the Rutgers Voorhees Transportation Center/NJAHPERD Bike Grant last spring. As an award recipient, Irvington Public Schools will receive bicycles, helmets, and padding to facilitate a bicycle education curriculum in their K-5 P.E. classes. The value of the grant is $10,000.

“We are honored to be selected as a recipient of this grant,” said Irvington Supervisor of Physical Education, Dr. John Taylor. “So many of our scholars have not had the opportunity to learn safety and riding skills on a bicycle, and we hope this grant will provide them with these lifetime activity skills.

Student selection

Irvington has selected 5th grade P.E. classes from all eight district elementary schools to participate in the program. The physical education staff is excited about providing these scholars with the opportunity to engage in activities that will help them learn how to ride a bicycle.

Community impact

One of the program goals is to emphasis bike riding as a lifetime and family activity. If students find enjoyment from riding a bicycle in P.E. class, the hope is their enthusiasm will transfer to home, and families will plan for family bike rides as a physical activity and bonding moments. “My daughters, Molly and Riley, love going on our daddy-daughter bike rides together,” said Dr. Taylor. “My hope is the bike riding education program will influence Irvington families to participate in the same activities that bring so much happiness many families who ride together.”

About the Grantee

New Jersey Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance (NJAHPERD)

NJAHPERD promotes the development of healthy, lifelong active lifestyles for New Jersey’s students, educators and community members. NJAHPERD have been advocating for the children, teachers and parents of New Jersey for the past 100 years.