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It’s October – We’re Ready to Go

October has seen the finalization of class selections, and the final formal approvals from the Board of Education members and school administration for use of school buildings. Our yoga supplies have arrived and are ready for class to begin. Flyers and sign-up sheets have been emailed around the Paramus campus, the largest in the district, comprising two high schools, middle-school and elementary programs, and sheltered workshops for adults.

The biggest challenge has been setting up a schedule that accommodates the largest number of employees. For this first phase we chose 3:45 for teachers whose days end between 3-3:30, and clerical staff who work until 3:30. Phase II will offer classes at 3:15 pm for staff members whose workday ends between 2:30-3, and a late class at 4:15 for employees working the 8am-4pm shift. I am also working with our Teterboro high school Principal to gauge interest at that location, and hopefully expand our initiative to include other campuses after the winter holiday break.

Employees have requested meditation and tai chi classes, and I have made contact with a tai chi instructor. Meditation has been a bit harder to arrange, but I have reached out to Ramapo College’s Krame Center for Contemplative Studies and hopefully I will be able to secure some contacts through them.

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Bergen County Technical Schools

The Bergen County Technical School District, along with its sister district, Bergen County Special Services, educates students ages 3-21. Our Paramus campus comprises two high schools, a middle school, elementary programs, and sheltered workshops for adults with disabilities. Our employees include teachers, teaching assistants, therapists, counselors and case managers, and clerical staff.