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Just in Case…….

The Breakfast the Bell Program has been implemented and now we are working on our case study to evaluate the impact of the program. This will allow our department to create a best practices for our community. In an effort to get more schools in the district to participate in the program. We are looking to have a data based evidence report of any questions or concerns that school administrators may have about the program, the more answers we have the greater the chance we have of getting more schools.

The Breakfast after the Bell Case study at Berkeley School has been going very well. All of the administrative staff have been very helpful assisting when Dr. Baxter is not available. Ebony Felton the health departments masters intern From Rutgers University in Public Health has been meeting with Dr. Baxter to discuss scheduling in regards to the teacher and student interviews. So far we categorized the attendance reports for the entire school by grade level. Also, we have categorized the suspension reports by month, what the student was suspended for, as well as by grade we look forward to having a complete report by April, 2019 to show case the impact of “Breakfast after the Bell”.

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Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services

The Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services is an innovator in approaching public health We hold the honor of being the First Accredited Health Department in the State of New Jersey. Our goal is to understand the needs of our community, and with that knowledge implement programs that create environmental changes that have sustainable effects to improve health.