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Kenilworth Healthy Kids and Community Initiative School Garden Kickoff!!!!!!

Creating a Culture of Health Starts With our Kids!!!!!!!

On May 24th, Kenilworth Healthy Kids and Community Initiative broke ground on our school fruit and vegetable garden. Michael Bedrick, of Let’s Bloom Together, a company that teaches school aged children a hands on curriculum about the science and sustainability of planting and harvesting food, taught the 3rd grade all about gardening. Our school community maintained our garden throughout the remainder of the school year. Kenilworth Recreation department, our community partner, will maintain the garden with the help of the summer camp kids throughout the summer months. With over 3000 square feet of dedicated space future plans include building an outside classroom focused on the environment, science and health that will act as both a courtyard and  dedicated outdoor space built by our students. In September, an-intracurricular plan will focus on sustainability and growth.

Our teachers and students are so excited to be part of this initiative and we can’t wait to watch our garden grow. Stay tuned for pictures of our gardens growth and upcoming first harvest!!!!!!

The program is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

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Kenilworth Healthy Kids and Community Initiative (Kenilworth Schools)

The Kenilworth Public Schools and the New Jersey Action Coalition (NJAC) partnered to combine school curriculum and health to grow healthy habits. As one of the largest school choice programs in New Jersey Kenilworth Public Schools encourages diversity through active learning. Suzanne Crincoli RN, NJAC's Union County Community coach, collaborated with the district to focus on improved health.