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Kenilworth Rec builds community Gardens for Community Use!

The Kenilworth Healthy Kids and Community Initiative has finally gotten fruits and vegetable plants in the ground. Summer camp rec kids are excited to be part of the care and upcoming harvest of our gardens. In the weeks leading to the new school year, the outdoor space surrounding the garden will turn into an outdoor classroom where children can learn about harvesting healthy food themselves, the science behind how gardens work, and what it takes to maintain and sustain a garden in a multi-season climate.

We are so excited about our progress and can’t wait to see what our harvest brings!

Have a great summer!

About the Grantee

Kenilworth Healthy Kids and Community Initiative (Kenilworth Schools)

Kenilworth Kids and Community Initiative is a collaboration between the Kenilworth Public Schools and the New Jersey Action Coalition. Together we have partnered to create a culture of health focused on school children, active living and healthy eating.