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Kids’ Café 

As an MPH intern from Montclair State University, I’m overseeing fun and healthy activities for Lincoln Park residents this summer! The Lincoln Park Health Department called out all future chefs for a Kids’ Café and that’s just what we got! On July 1st, 20 students from the Lincoln Park Elementary and Middle Schools, representing 13 families, gathered for some fun activities to kick off the summer. The children learned how to make healthy foods, and received recipes and supplies to make those healthier options at home. The kids learned how to make pita pizzas, which included whole wheat pitas, fresh mozzarella, basil, carrots, tomatoes, and avocados. You may wonder, how did we get kids to eat something green?  With the collaboration of the Lincoln Park ShopRite and their dietitian, Danielle, the kids promised to try at least one bite.  Some of the junior chefs were shocked by how much they enjoyed the green snacks!

Not only did the kids learn how to make the food, but they received recipe books and three grocery food bags filled with assorted healthy options. From produce to grains, these families can now try these recipes at home for everyone to enjoy. This program allowed some special kids the opportunity to have fun while eating green. At pickup, the parents were taken aback by the groceries and generosity of the program.  The kids also made cards for senior residents at a long-term care facility in Lincoln Park, as part of our “Kids Kards for Karing” initiative this summer. The collaborative effort of the Lincoln Park Schools, ShopRite of Lincoln Park, the Lincoln Park Renaissance, Montclair State University and the Lincoln Park Health Department, all came together to ensure that everyone has a happy, healthy plate and summer!

Jenna Bruno, MPH Student and Lincoln Park Health Department Intern

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