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KidsFit Watching Healthy Food Grow

Greens are growing in Newark this holiday season! Hydroponic growing systems are finally up and running in two out of the three of our KidsFit Schools including Brick Peshine Academy and John  F. Kennedy School in Newark. Middle school students in Newark and special needs students at JFK are now growing basil, spinach and collards. We overcame some challenges with leaks and school schedule changes, but the students never waivered in their fascination with maintaining the system! Students have been undeniable entranced with plants growing. Everyone wants a chance to measure the PH and the nutrient level. Next up will be taste tests and sampling the fruits of their labor! The third system will be up and running in Harrison Intermediate School in Harrison NJ for programming beginning in January 2019.

Peshine Elementary School also had it’s first NAC meeting  in November! Registered Dietitian Kerri Likakis helped the school rally teachers, students, parents and NPS food and nutrition supervisors to discuss the meals at Peshine. The student were able to articulate their likes and dislikes of the school meals. The students will be surveying their classmates to obtain more data to report at the next meeting scheduled for December. The goal is for the student’s voiced opinions to lead to positive improvements in school meals.

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KidsFit is apart of the RWJBarnabas Health System. KidsFit is wellness program for kids and those who love them! KidsFit focuses on educational activities that translate into positive health behavior changes.