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KidsFit Watching Healthy Food Grow!

KidsFit Watching Healthy Food Grow!

Today at Peshine elementary school the 8th graders were excited to finally turn on their hydroponic system and insert the plants! First we reviewed the requirements for a functional hydroponic system. The students filled the reservoirs with water, and then plugged the system in to make sure the pump was working (it was!) Next the students took the Truncheon and measured the electro-conductivity of the water! We compared human macronutrients to plant macronutrients. For your information; humans need protein, fat and carbohydrates in large quantities so they are our macros! Plants however need nitrate, calcium and phosphorous in large quantities so they are the macronutrients for plants! The plant micronutrients are minerals we would find in the ground like zinc and magnesium. Plants need the right amount of macro and micro nutrients to grow efficiently in the hydroponic system. The students recorded the amount of both the micro and macro nutrient solutions that were added to the reservoirs. Next the students transplanted the spinach seedlings to the system. The grow lights are on; the nutrient packed water is flowing now it’s time to watch healthy food grow!

The students were extremely engaged during today’s class. KidsFit encourages students to learn where their food comes from and reinforces the fundamentals of science!

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Newark Beth Israel is committed to treating and preventing the illness that are behavior related which includes diabetes, heart disease and obesity. KidsFit is a community wellness program for Kids and those who love them!