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Leaves in the Pool Means it is Time to Prepare for 2019

For the 2018 season, the West Orange Recreation Department introduced a healthy foods concept at our pool snack bar.  Overall, the concept was a success but there is still some room for improvement.  As this was a new initiative on our end, we were reliant on the vendor to provide the menu.  At the same time, the vendor was reliant on the feedback of the patrons to determine which items were of value.  As we prepare for 2019, we believe that we are going to have a more significant impact on offering a healthy menu with a year of experience.

In addition to what we saw worked and did not work at our pool, we also began to notice what was being offered at other public facilities.  We would take notice of the menus at other pools, zoos, and recreational facilities throughout the state.  Sometimes a vendor is hesitant to add a menu item due to cost and shelf life, however if we see the same items being offered throughout the state then we know it is something we should be offering as well.  Feedback and interaction with the vendor and our patrons is going to help us create a healthy menu that is refreshing and popular which help foster positive eating habits both at our pool and at home.

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Township of West Orange (Via West Orange Recreation Dept.)

The West Orange Recreation Department offers year round programming for the residents of the Township. The Recreation Department operates the Ginny Duenkel Pool which is a popular facility for families and residents of all ages.