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Let’s Move! Continues

On Monday, February 8, the Wellness Committee successfully completed their second distribution of small pieces of physical activity equipment as part of their “Let’s Move” campaign.  The focus of the “Let’s Move” campaign is to make physical activity fun and more accessible at home for students during remote learning. During this distribution students were given frisbees. Along with their frisbee the students received an activity sheet with five fun ways to utilize the frisbee to increase their physical activity.  All advertising and the activity sheets were available in both English and Spanish. The activities suggested to students are listed below:

1. Frisbee Flip

Grab a friend and play this fun game.  Each player picks either “top” or “bottom” of the Frisbee.  Take turns flipping the disk in the air as if it is a coin.  As soon as it lands, the player whose side is facing up must run to a predetermined spot.  The other player must try to catch them before they reach it.  This could be played with larger groups acting as teams to block the other player from reaching the spot!

2. Frisbee Bowling

Simply line up water bottles for bowling pins and try to knock them down with the Frisbee!

3. Frisbee H-O-R-S-E

Instead of shooting hoops, use a Frisbee for a game of H-O-R-S-E. The first player creates a challenge, like hitting a target with the Frisbee. If they complete the challenge, everyone must try it. Complete the task and receive a letter until you spell H-O-R-S-E. Take turns being the challenger.

4. Water Transport Race

Fill the Frisbee with water and race towards the finish line. But be careful! Move too fast and you’ll spill the water.  This game is best played outside on a warm day.

5. Bocce Frisbee Toss

This frisbee game can be played with 2+ players, or as many flying discs as you have. Your goal is to land your frisbee as close to the target as possible.  The target can simply be a ball you have at home.   The player who tossed their frisbee closest to the target gets a point.  Keep playing until one player has 12 points.


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