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Let’s Move! Continues

On Monday, May 24, the Wellness Committee successfully completed their fourth distribution of small pieces of physical activity equipment as part of their “Let’s Move” campaign.  The focus of the “Let’s Move” campaign is to make physical activity fun and more accessible at home for students during remote learning. During this distribution students were given resistance bands. Along with their resistance bands the students received an activity sheet with five fun ways to utilize the bands to increase their physical activity.  All advertising and the activity sheets were available in both English and Spanish. The activities suggested to students are listed below:

1. Reverse Fly

Stand with your feed shoulder-width apart. With straight arms, hold the exercise band in front of you with hands slightly lower than your shoulders. Keep elbows soft.  On an exhale open your arms out to the sides, inhale as you slowly return your arms to starting position. Repeat 10-15 times.

2. Leg Abduction

Place the band around both legs, right above the ankle.  Stand up straight with your chest up, back straight and head straight, and hands on hips. While keeping your legs straight, push one leg out to the side to a 45 degree angle. Slowly lower your leg to starting position. Repeat 10-15 times.  Switch legs.

3. Clamshells

Place the band around both legs, right above the knee. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Keep your chest up, back straight and head straight. Squat down to a 90 degree angle or until your body naturally stops. Slowly return to starting position and repeat for 10 – 15 times.

4. Leg Curls

Place the band around your ankles. Lie on your stomach and activate your core muscles.  Push the right leg against the resistance of the band towards the ceiling while pushing the left leg into the floor. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat 10-15 times.

5. Row

Hold the resistance band with one hand and place it in the opposite hip. Stand up straight. Activate your core. With your free hand, grab the end of he resistance band and slowly stretch it behind you by extending your forearm. Slowly return to starting position. Repeat for 10 – 15 times.

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The Mission is to provide multiple pathways for students to attain the NJ Student Learning Standards and to meet the needs of our diverse student population. All students will be provided with the opportunity and resources to succeed through the creation of safe learning environments, which will enable students to graduate from high school and become productive member of a global community.