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Let’s Move!

In order to promote physical activity to the students of Bridgeton Public Schools during remote learning the Wellness Committee had to get creative.  They developed the “Let’s Move” campaign that would focus on making physical activity fun and more accessible at home. Small pieces of equipment were purchased to be distributed to the students using the already established meal distribution sites.  The first piece of equipment dispersed to students on Tuesday, January 19 was a jump rope.  Along with their jump rope the students were given an activity sheet (pictured above) with five fun ways to utilize the jump rope to increase their physical activity.  All advertising and the activity sheets were available in both English and Spanish. The activities suggested to students are listed below:

1. Snake Jump
This activity requires at least two people. Start with the rope laid out on the ground. One person will be the jumper, and the other will control the rope. The person controlling the rope will start wiggling it from side to side. It should not leave the ground but rather move in an “S” pattern. The jumper will jump from side to side over the rope, trying not to touch the rope. If he or she touches the rope, then it is the next person’s turn.
2. Broad Jumping
This activity can work with any number of people. This is a contest to see who can jump the furthest. The rope lays on the ground in a straight line. Each person takes a turn jumping over the rope to see who can jump the furthest. When jumping, each person should keep his or her feet together, and jump and land with both feet at the same time.3. Skiing
The rope should be laid out on the ground in a straight line. The jumper will stand beside the rope at one end and then jump with both feet together and knees slightly bent from one side the other over the rope as if skiing. This should be done all the way down the rope.

4. Swinging Rope
It requires at least two people. One person will hold the handles of the rope, folding it in half. Then squatting down slightly, the person should begin swinging the rope in a circle. As the rope swings by, the other person has to try to jump over it.

5. Regular and Alternating Single Jump
This is the standard method of jumping rope where a person holds one handle in each hand and swings the rope up and over the body. As the rope comes back down, the person jumps over it. You can vary regular jumping by changing foot patterns when jumping. One option is to land with one foot heel down and the other foot toe down, alternating the heel and toes with each jump. A person may also try jumping on one leg or landing with feet spread and then together, alternating each time.

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