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We had our last session of the Eat Well, Play Hard programming at our Father Mychal Judge location. The topic that week was “cooking with kids,” a really fun lesson to leave off on. In the classroom I shared a book with the children called “Bee Bim Bop,” a story about a little girl helping her mother prepare a favorite family meal. We then made apple “donuts,” apple slices with the core taken out by a star shaped cookie cutter, topped with sunflower seed butter, diced strawberries, and granola. Both the children and teachers agreed it was a very delicious snack! In the parent program we talked a lot about different ways their kids could get involved with preparing snacks and meals. We then made French toast with a blueberry topping and, like all of the recipes I provide, the bolded instructions indicate that children can do this step. Despite not having any added sugar or maple syrup, the parents all agreed that it was delicious.

After analyzing the Family Nutrition & Physical Activity prescreening and post screening, we were very encouraged to see improvements reported in making healthy food and beverage choices, family eating routines, decreases in screen time, and some increases reported in family physical activity. I feel as though a lasting impact was made on the students and their families. Saying goodbye was bittersweet, although I look forward to the next session of Eat Well, Play Hard at a different site!

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Center for Family Resources (CFR)

Center for Family Resources is a private, non-profit agency dedicated to meeting the educational needs of income eligible children and their families from Passaic County. Head Start provides comprehensive services in the areas of education, social services, nutrition, and mental health. We also assist families to obtain health and dental services.