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Manasquan High School: changing how students sit

Here at Manasquan High School we try to be ahead of the curve in new teaching practices. With that being said we are changing the way students seating options. We are bringing in different types of student desks. Research has shown that students learn differently; as well as learn better depending on what type of desk they have. Not all students are the same, so why should their desks be. As a result of being awarded the grant from New Jersey Department of Health, we will be installing varied height desks for students who learn better standing up. Also the average american student sits 85% of their waking hours according to Standup Kids.

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Manasquan Public School District

Manasquan High School is a four-year comprehensive community public high school that serves students in ninth through twelfth grade from Manasquan, in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States, operating as the lone high school of the Manasquan Public Schools.