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March Madness! EZ Ride’s Healthy Game Day Snacks at Heads Up Barbershop

As part of the Shaping Long Branch Healthy Community Initiative, the EZ Ride Team set up tables with healthy eats, fruit smoothies, water, and health & nutrition info for a healthy March Madness themed event at Heads Up Barbershop at 263 Morris Ave. from 2pm to 4pm on Friday, March 22, 2019. We had a total of 25 members from the Long Branch community who came to the event.


During the event, we were able to give away a total of 183 healthy food samples! We gave out 30 fruit smoothie samples, 20 vegetarian chili samples, 20 sriracha carrot/white bean hummus samples, 24 portobello mushroom on toast samples, 19 buffalo cauliflower wing samples, 35 whole grain tortilla chip samples, 30 spicy popcorn chips, and 35 regular popcorn chips. In addition, clients could take home recipes of all the chili, portobello mushrooms and other healthier recipes! Nurse Linda from Monmouth Medical Center administered 8 free blood pressure screenings for customers. The men and boys in the barbershop were comfortable and had peer support to check out healthy food & get their blood pressure taken.


“[I feel like] I was meant to be at this event. EZ Ride had a fine display and being here for the community means a lot. Reaching out to this barbershop makes a difference. What EZ Ride is doing, reaching out to [the] community,  is a [blessing]. Thank you.”

~ Stanley Downs, Heads Up Barbershop client


Thanks to our funder, the NJ Department of Health, customers also had the opportunity to win a healthy lifestyle raffle basket. The raffle basket had items purchased from our nearby healthy corner store Sungate Mini Mart, including: a can of low sodium chickpeas, a can of low sodium black beans, 2 apples, an orange, lemon, cantaloupe,  whole pineapple, a bag of uncooked black beans, and last but not least, a small football. 13 people participated and a second grade girl, Chayse, won the basket! Chayse and her dad, Aaron, who is a barber, were thankful for EZ Ride’s community health efforts and Chayse commented that she wanted to bring back the cantaloupe to her mother. Chayse kindly gave the mini football to a little boy who also visited the barbershop that day.


Check out a mini-interview with the EZ Ride Team and the owner of Heads Up Barbershop, Micah Goff.


Q: Do your customers enjoy the healthy events put on by you, EZ Ride & Monmouth Medical Center?

A: The ones that come and participate really do, especially once they understand what the event is for and the positives it has.


Q: How do you personally feel about the events that have happened here at Heads Up Barbershop?

A: Very positive and helpful. Everyone seems to enjoy the healthy events when we host them. They are definitely a good thing!


Q: What is your opinion about EZ Ride’s efforts with the Heads Up events?

  1. It’s encouraging to see people so interested in helping others be healthy. Exposing people to new, healthier foods is a very good thing.


For more info about our Healthy Community Network in Long Branch and the NJ Healthy Corner Store Initiative, please contact Lisa Lee, Victoria Alizo, or Eric Angeles at 201-939-4242 or, , and

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