Grantee Blog 2020

Master Plan Adoption

What we’ve envisioned over two years ago is finally coming to fruition. The new Housing Element of the City’s Master Plan will be presented to the Planning Board during a virtual public meeting on December 3rd. This new Element contains the voices of the people – as over 1000 people were surveyed, and/or came to public meetings. The new Element also addresses the concerns of other residents who are affected by this issue, including: nonprofit leaders, firefighters, police officers, code enforcement, city officials and more. This is due to the collaboration Healthier Perth Amboy has instilled since the beginning of this project.

We expect that the Planning Board will approve of this Element as it is, as they have been aware of this project since the beginning. When they adopt the Housing Element, it will officially be a living document. The next step is to present it to City Council, of which we also assume will approve the plan.

Healthier Perth Amboy is aware that the work will not be done once the document is adopted. Just because it will be an official document, does not mean city officials will enforce it and landlords will abide by it. It will take rigorous education and advocacy efforts to ensure that all of our work will be in vain. Therefore, over the next year we will expand our “Healthy Housing Embajadora” project that we have begun with the support of New Jersey Healthy Communities Network. We will also utilize both traditional and technological methods of outreach in order to help get the word out.

We are proud of our work so far, and excited to continue our efforts to ensure that every.  residents has access to safe and affordable housing.

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