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Meeting You Where You’re At

One of our most promote Worksite Wellness partners is our City of Vineland employees, centered around the employees working in our City Hall. Recently, Live Healthy Vineland created an “educating people where they’re at” initiative, to educate employees and visitors about the symptoms of heart attacks for both men and women, along with where all the AED’s are located in City Hall. A total of 34 posters were posted around the building.

Prior to posting the signs, LHV Co-Director, Amy, walked around speaking with employees about the symptoms of heart attacks, and if anyone knew there were multiple AED’s in the building. A common response was “I didn’t know that!” or “I knew we had AED’s but didn’t know where any were located.” All in all, this simple exercise and educational piece proved to be well-received and enlightening for many employees!

Along with the posters, there was also a Health Fair held recently at City Hall where Live Healthy Vineland also tabled with information regarding proper posture while in your work space and the importance of moving around during the work day.

Both of these awareness events were simple and did not take much time from any one person. It shows that Worksite Wellness can be achieved at any place of employment in the smallest of ways, but creating lasting impact.


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