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Mercado Esperanza Vendors Help Prepare Family Meals

In mutual support during COVID-19, Elijah’s Promise and Mercado Esperanza team up

Over the past several weeks, we have been fortunate to get to work with members of the Mercado Esperanza. It is amazing to be able to support these members of our community while they support Elijah’s Promise prepping meals for our Family Feeding program.

With a rotating staff of 5-7 chefs, we have been able to employ these members of our community while preparing 70 meals a day for family dinners a local church. Our Mercado Esperanza friends could very well scale up their work to help feed families through an additional minimum of two satellite locations, and we look forward to finding partners to do so.

With New Brunswick officially canceling in-person instruction for the remainder of 2020, we anticipate that many children and families will have difficulty accessing the school meals offered to them from remote pick-up locations twice a week. Families have indicated difficulties receiving these meals due to the time of the day they are offered, or students refusing them because of the poor quality of the food provided.

“Mercado Esperanza is good for the community because it supports small entrepreneurs and the people in the community get fresh food,” says Sara Vidal, one of the Mercado members working with Elijah’s Promise. While everyone is disappointed that the regular Mercado season cannot take place this year, we are collectively grateful for this new opportunity to provide work for the chefs and provide amazing food to more families in New Brunswick.

See what two of our Mercado vendors have to say about the Mercado Esperanza for themselves.

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