Grantee Blog 2020

Mindfulness and Wellness…Now More Than Ever

Blog written by Michael Meyer, Principal, Lincoln Park Middle School

One of the goals of the Lincoln Park School District is Wellness and keeping fit in mind and body. The teachers and students began the year with in-class yoga activities that were producing positive effects in the classroom almost immediately. These activities help students to stay focused, deal with stress and anxiety and keep their bodies limber and strong. Sometimes these activities were brief warm-ups before class began and at other times they served as “brain breaks” when students needed to reset their focus. We were all eager to purchase the new equipment, especially yoga mats for the school.

Once Covid-19 forced us into a remote learning situation, keeping connected with students was a challenge. The mindfulness activities were more important than ever. Lincoln Park Schools were fortunate to have a 1:1 technology program that made for a smooth transition to distance learning, but it was still difficult for the students to stay connected, emotionally and academically. Some of our teachers were able to continue the mindfulness training via Zoom meetings and virtual work-out sessions. While these are helpful activities to implement virtually, they are no replacement for the in-person learning experience that students need.

Once we are able to return to school we will be faced with many challenges that no educator expected to deal with. We will need to continue the mindfulness activities to ensure our students are able to successfully cope with the challenges they are facing.

Chilton Medical Center and the Atlantic Health System are generous partners in awarding this grant to keep our kids healthy!

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Borough of Lincoln Park

The Borough of Lincoln Park and the Lincoln Park Elementary and Middle Schools have teamed together to bring mindfulness and increased motion to kids where they learn and play!