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More than a Mobile Farm Stand 

More than a Mobile Farm Stand 

 Summer is in full swing at Montclair Community Farms! Our gardens are buzzing with bees, children and interns from across New Jersey. Summer also means the return of  the mobile farm stand. A magical cedar structure that brings more than local, organic and affordable produce right to our customers door step. And, this year we are expanding to more sites in Essex County! 

What makes our mobile farmstand special is who is growing, and selling our vegetables! Each and every Friday our  young interns arrive  anticipating a busy day. Our gardens are thriving offering an abundance of  the  freshest  kales, lettuces, green beans, squashes, tomatoes  and  more! Our youth share in passion for food,  responsibility  and the  success of our gardens, from seed to sale! This is what the season is all about! 

Farm stands were once the only way for people to buy locally grown vegetables and fruits direct from the farmer. When you go to the grocer and are picking out your food you have aisles to walk down and pick what you want without asking for assistance.  There is less engagement, no community, and it isn’t a meaningful experience.   However at  our Mobile Farm Stand our customers  are  being greeted, asking our youth to  gather their produce,  they are speaking to the person next to them,  they  are saying that looks yummy, sharing recipes, and heart felt smiles… Together we have  more opportunity to build community  by  actually engaging with the people WITHIN that community through food.  We are making sure that that connection  stays strong with with each visit! This year our Mobile Farmstand is expanding to new sites, and we are currently doubling the value of foodstamp transactions thanks to the Good Food Bucks program! Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on all events! @montclaircommunityfarms


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The Montclair Health Department is a founding member of the Montclair Community Farms Coalition. Montclair Community Farm’s mission is to serve as a local hands-on resource that engages and educates the community through urban farming, affordable food access and healthy living. At the heart of Montclair Community Farms is its Coalition, partners, and community volunteers.