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More Than A Playground

Have you ever wondered why playgrounds are usually located in places that children would frequent?  Why do they get to have all of the fun?  Well, wonder no more.

We are proud to share the creation of Healthy Elsinboro.  Supported through the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network Community Grants Program and the Salem Health and Wellness Foundation, our program aims to create an overall healthier community.  Close your eyes and imagine a place that has a dedicated walking path for all, with activity stations along the way.  Coming your way soon this dream will be a reality.  Elsinboro Township and Elsinboro School are working together to create a joint-use agreement, allowing access to the ground of Elsinboro School.  This agreement will formalize the partnership between the two organizations, and give more opportunities to our residents to be active.  As a part of this agreement, funding will be used to provide a path that all can use.  A safe location for all, located in the heart of the community.

This is part 1 of our strategy to create a healthier community.  Our Healthy Elsinboro Committee is hard at work to ensure we make the most of our program.  Next time we will share more about part 2 of our strategy.

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Elsinboro Township

Elsinboro Township is a rural community located along the Delaware River in Salem County. One of New Jersey's first communities, Elsinboro Township offers a rich history. With just over 13 square miles of land, Elsinboro Township has something for everyone.