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New Brunswick Healthy Housing Collaborative moving forward

The beginning of the new year also marks the beginning of the next phase of the New Brunswick Healthy Housing Collaborative’s initiative. Last year was spent on the overall development of the initiative, awareness building workshops, community outreach and conducting home assessments within the Esperanza and Unity Square neighborhoods in New Brunswick, NJ. The current success of the initiative is in no small part due to the dedication and efforts of our community health ambassadors who continue to be a major driving force within the Collaborative’s work.

This next phase of the initiative will see the completion of the data analysis of the information gathered from both the home assessments and the CHAs’ experiential insights. This information will identify the relevant housing issues affecting the residents of these 2 New Brunswick neighborhoods which will be used to develop workshops and  guide our community outreach efforts moving forward. To this end, the CHAs will be trained on conducting these workshops as they will be the lead facilitators. They are also being trained on conducting follow-up on the 120 homes that were assessed to continue to offer assistance in mitigating the issues that were identified. Medical Students from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School have been recently trained on outreach and case management techniques and will join the CHAs in conducting follow-up. The medical students will focus on informing these residents on how their housing issues can impact their health and the health of their families , answer general health questions, and assist in navigating the health care system for health services needed.

The other major focus of our initiative moving forward is advocating and developing for systems and policy changes that address both the relevant health housing issues and that sustain our overall healthy housing efforts. As such, we will continue to work with the city’s government to see what changes can be made aside from the great work we have already accomplished in conjunction the New Brunswick Rental Control Office. We will also be looking to identify and promote systems changes within stakeholder organizations that will help propel our work forward. Last but definitely not least is to continue to increase community involvement in the initiative. Therefore, in addition to the continued participation of the CHAs we will also look to further leverage the Esperanza and Unity Square neighborhood projects to help develop and mobilize the community’s efforts in driving these changes. We are both excited and hopeful as we look towards the horizon at the beginning of 2019.

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New Brunswick Tomorrow's mission is to improve the quality of life for all New Brunswick residents; driving ideas, partnerships and initiatives that reinvigorate lives and move people forward. Within Community Health, a major focus area, we look to improve health outcomes by promoting health active lifestyles, preventing diseases, and increasing access to health services.