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New Fall Plans for the Garden Squad!

We’re excited to start back up our work with the Garden Squad from Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Asbury Park again this Fall!  Some of our first participants are now 7th and 8th grade veterans and familiar with gardening, and we’re also thrilled to introduce 10 new 4th and 5th graders to the Garden Squad.  On our first session back on September 22, the students helped harvest 20 pounds of tomatoes that the school kitchen staff were very excited to use in fresh salads for students.  

After spending the first year getting the garden off of the ground, the school has been able to harvest large amounts of fresh, organic tomatoes, squash, peppers, carrots, lettuce and onions over the summer to make delicious food and promote healthy eating habits.  As a next step in building out the garden and introducing some new elements, the Garden Squad has also planted additional perennials in some of the garden beds to draw in beneficial bugs and lavender as the first step in establishing a sensory garden.

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Project U.S.E. is an experiential education organization based in Newark, New Jersey with over 40 years of experience providing hands-on learning experiences for groups of all ages and backgrounds. Project U.S.E. provides diverse programming, including school and community gardening, professional development workshops, and outdoor education programs at our Wildcat Mountain Wilderness Center.