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The Trenton Housing Authority’s (the “THA”) Resident Services Department has implemented a Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) Program which meets the mandated requirements.  The HEPA Program is a two (2) part program.  Part 1 requires the THA to provide a healthy hot meal to our school aged children during the school year and during THAs Summer Camp.

The Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998 mandates that public housing authorities must require adults living in public housing to participate in an economic self-sufficiency program or any activity/program approved by the THA. Therefor, part 2 requires adults to attend two (2) Healthy Lifestyle Management Workshops.  In addition to attending the two (2) workshops, you are also required to complete the Healthy Lifestyle Management Assessments.  The information gathered from these assessments will be used to develop other programs further for next year.

We have begun data collection, the Healthy Lifestyle Management Assessments. Something quite pure and organic and holistic occurred during the workshop 11/14/18.

When participants were finished filling out the assessments. One participants shares that she has been told if she didn’t lose weight and get her diet together, she would have to take shots of insulin. Another participant who was clearly versed in nutrition just started educating the participant on what to eat and how to cook. It was peer-to-peer health education in a spontaneous and well informed manner. That is what we are striving for, the sharing of health information within a community setting. The women who was borderline Type 2 diabetes was writing notes like crazy. To witness was special indeed. That was how we ended the workshop. Now the woman with borderline Type 2 diabetes has accountability. When she comes to the next meeting we will inquire about her diet. She was so grateful to have that support, all she did was smile. It was beautiful. It dawned on me that I should have audio-taped the conversation for this blog. But I was drawn into the conversation I just wanted not to miss a thing.

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