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New School Year, Better Access to Healthy Food!

School is back in session, and this year that means better access to breakfast and after school meals in Clifton!  The school district launched breakfast after the bell in schools #12 and 12 annex this month and will roll out the program later this fall in schools #13, 15 and the high school.

Hunger Free New Jersey laid the foundation for implementation of the program over years of advocacy and relationship building, and a change in leadership in the district led to expansion of the program beyond just the mandated schools (#12 and 12 annex) under the new school breakfast law.

Clifton uses a grab and go model of breakfast service, with a cart located at the entrance of the schools.  Students are offered breakfast items such as cereal, milk and nutrition bars as they enter the building and head to their classrooms.

Since the implementation of breakfast after the bell just this month, breakfast participate is up, with about 100 more meals being served per day at schools #12 and 12 annex!

Clifton now also offers after school suppers and snacks at two of their schools that provide breakfast after the bell.  This program provides a total of 200 healthy snacks and dinners per day to children enrolled in after school enrichment programs at schools #4 and #12.

Hunger Free New Jersey recently published a statewide report that spotlights trends and local data on after school suppers for kids.  To read the report, go to

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