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New Year – New Plans!

A new year brings new energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

This year, we are excited to expand our direct health education to the communities and partners.  Our goals include more health education classes and even a healthy cooking competition!  Our physician partner is in the final stages of creating a book of healthy recipes and healthy food maps for our community participants.  Our hope is to continue needs assessments to better identify the needs of our participants and use our education to target their needs.

Our exercise plans are also moving forward. We hope to see our gymnasium at the Family Promise of Union County day center outfitted with exercise equipment that our participant families and the supporting community may utilize to stay active. Our students are mapping out walking trails that will allow our families to get up and walk together after their evening dinner.

What excites us more than anything else is the interactions we will be privileged to have with our participants: A Mother learning ideas about healthy protein intake for her child who decided to become a vegetarian. A husband and wife learning how to find seasonal vegetables and healthier food options at their local supermarket.  And the hundreds of health fair participants who are pleasantly surprised that they can receive individual counseling with a nutritionist.  We are pleased to start this year with a passion for service, education, and empowerment.

The program is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

About the Grantee

Overlook Family Medicine - Family Promise Union County Health Education Partnership

The Overlook Family Medicine - Family Promise Union County Health Education Partnership began in 2016. It aims are to meet identified community health needs, improve screening for preventable illnesses, and provide education that empowers the community to achieve their health goals. This blog post is courtesy of Dr. Charles Becker, a third year Family Medicine Resident at Overlook Family Medicine.