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NJ Healthy Communities Activities City of Long Branch – Blog 2

Over the past two months, the Long Branch Health Department has been primarily focused on activities associated with COVID-19, which has been very demanding on our staff. It has required us to be quick and nimble in our responses to public health issues.  We are happy to report all of the Long Branch Health Department employees are giving 100% every single day and we will continue to do so until the pandemic ends.

During our brief moments of non-COVID-19 related events, we continue to communicate with our  NJHC grant partners.  During these discussions, we have agreed to purchase a new Water Bottle Filler Fountain to be installed at Manahasset Park, the largest recreational area in our city.  It will be equipped with three water dispensers, a handicapped water fountain, a regular water fountain, and a bottle refilled station to suit the needs of everyone in our community. We have selected a green fountain to keep with the tradition of the City’s unofficial motto “The Green Wave”. Photos of the Manahasset Park and the comfort station near where the fountain will be installed are attached.

The City’s Department of Public Works is currently assessing the specifications for installation and then we will move forward with the purchase. We anticipate this process will take approximately 5-to-6 weeks and for the fountain to be installed later this summer.

We are working on a publicity plan for the installation of the new fountain. We are also working to develop and publicize a modified healthy pure water campaign throughout our community.  We plan to use social media and print pieces to promote drinking pure water lieu of sugary drinks.

So long for now – Sidney Johnson Director LBHD

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